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Helping Families Achieve Success Through Martial Arts

AEGIS Martial Arts has been helping people for over 40 years by providing top quality tuition and a curriculum focused on building life skills as well as learning self defence

Leeds East Academy serves Killingbeck, Roundhay, Crossgates, Seacroft and other surrounding areas of East Leeds

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Hi, I'm Master Chrissy Foulds, Chief Instructor of the Leeds East AEGIS Academy

What started as a beneficial hobby has given me a mission to share martial arts with more people

I started martial arts as I was looking for a new hobby to take up. I lived in the city centre at the time so had to walk home in the evenings from work often so I wanted to learn some self defence skills.


The more I got involved with AEGIS Martial Arts, the more I enjoyed it and saw the benefits it could provide not just to me but to anyone. Once I reached my Black Belt I decided I wanted to teach so I can share the benefits of AEGIS Martial Arts with more people.

Since becoming an Instructor and running the Leeds East Academy, my favourite thing is watching my students confidence and skills grow. People come to us for lots of different reasons and it is very rewarding to see them learn & grow as they make their way through their martial arts journey.

We help develop your child for the future

We don't just focus on the punching & kicking, our curriculum is more focused on teaching key skills and personal development. We want to your child to become a future leader in the community. Our programs are important to help children develop the skills and habits for a successful future.

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A fun & engaging approach to fitness & self defence

It is difficult to find and maintain a fitness routine, to find something that keeps you motivated, engaged and feel like you are progressing. Our martial arts classes are perfect if you find the gym boring. They also help build important habits and skills so you can reach your goals & potential in all areas of your life.

Leeds East Academy

Our Facilities

- Car Parking with Electric Car Charging Port

- Full safety matted training area

- Large range of high quality training equipment

- Own Pro-Shop that supplies protective equipment for maximum safety

- Seating Area for Parents

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Our Mission

To bring a wider audience to the life enhancing benefits of martial arts training, to focus
beyond mere surviving and towards thriving.

To apply the martial arts skills of the warrior towards greater goals of unity, community and self-development of the heart, mind, body and spirit in total harmony.

The AEGIS Martial Arts Curriculum

The AEGIS Martial Arts System was founded in 1982 and has been developed over the last 40 years. With a focus on self defence, the physical martial arts is a collection of boxing, karate, kickboxing and jujitsu.

Our curriculum has a key focus on building life skills so we can help our students achieve more not just in martial arts but in all areas of their lives.


Your Instructors will be there to help, support and guide you along each step of your journey from a White Belt to a Black Belt. 

Why Choose AEGIS Martial Arts?



All our certified black belt instructors are DBS checked, fully insured and trained & qualified in how to teach Martial Arts.


Our curriculums foundation & focus is personal development and building life skills as well as learning the physical martial arts & self defence skills.


All of academies have top quality safety equipment including fully matted floors & pads.  They are also cleaned to a high standard regularly.

We have a number of classes available

Free Trial Classes are available but there are only limited slots to book so contact us today!

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Master Chrissy Foulds
Chief Instructor
4th Degree Black Belt
Master Ashleigh Gibson
Program Director
4th Degree Black Belt

Kevin G, Student

"I’m 42 and my daughter is 5. We enrolled 6 months ago as a way to learn martial arts, spend time together, improve my fitness and for my daughter to gain confidence. The teachers are all excellent and work particularly well with children. The classes are challenging and rewarding and I’m already planning to enrol my son when he is old enough. I highly recommend this for both parents and their children."
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