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Part of the AEGIS Martial Arts Group

Our Classes

At AEGIS Leeds East, we offer a variety of programs, focusing on various martial arts which include kickboxing, ju jitsu, and karate.

Our courses are designed to fit every age, background and knowledge.

Our teaching curriculum, along with our supportive and innovative approach to teaching means our students not only succeed in their martial arts classes, but also succeed in all aspect of their lives.

Click the links below to find out more about our classes

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Ninja Tykes

New for 2023!

For 2 year olds.

Created with a toddlers key development areas in mind.

Ninja Tots

An introduction into Martial Arts for the Early Years, ages 3 -6.

Help give your little one the best start to school life.


For children aged 6 years upwards

Beginners and advanced classes for children


A family that kicks together sticks together

Beginners and advanced classes for families

Adults and Teens

Training for older students and adults

Beginner and advanced classes for teens and adults

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The AEGIS Martial Arts and Leadership Programme is all about you, not us.
To help us tailor our information for your needs, fill in your details and one of our instructors will be in touch to arrange a free taster session.

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I started never having tried martial arts of any kind. As an adult, I had doubts how quickly I would pick it up. The family class approach is so inclusive and supportive it’s a great learning environment. Master Foulds and Master Gibson are great teachers. Thanks ladies!

Becky Mee - Adult Member

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