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Below are some answers to common questions which we receive.

What Martial Arts do you Teach in AEGIS?

We teach a modern Mixed Martial Arts system based around Karate, Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu.  It is all taught from a self defense perspective with aim to help everyone feel safer and more confident in their ability to defend themselves should the need ever arise.

How many times a week do I need to attend classes?

We recommend a minimum of once a week you should attend class.  This is so you can ensure you stay on track with your progress towards your next belt level.  We know holidays happen and sometimes every week isn't possible, but we say to try your best to be consistent with it to get the best out of your classes.

Do we need to pick specific set days to attend class?

No, our students have the freedom to book themselves onto their classes for the days that work for them.  These days can change week by week if needed to accommodate everyones busy lives.  The membership is designed to be flexible for you

How many days a week are classes on?

We run classes 5 days a week for all our students aged 7 years and over. 
For our Ninja Tots aged 3 to 6 years, we run our classes 3 days a week.

Is everyone earning belts whilst training at AEGIS?

Yes, we are a Blackbelt School, so it is our goal that all our students are working towards the rank of Blackbelt.  This means that throughout our students time training with us in classes they are earning their different colour belts, signifying their progress in their skills and ability.

If I have experience in a different martial art to what you teach at AEGIS can I still join?

Absolutely! We offer a free taster session where we discuss this further, and have a look at your knowledge and skills and how they fit into our system.
We have had people join our academy having only done other Martial arts variations such as Krav Maga, Taekwondo, boxing, judo etc and we find it still transfers well into our system.

I am a Blue belt at a different martial arts school, but I want to Join AEGIS Leeds East.  Does this mean I have to start again at white belt?

No it doesn't, what we do once you join is to grade you into our system at your first grading.  We take the time to look at the previous skills and knowledge you have and assess where that puts you in relation to our system and award your belt level accordingly.  It may mean that you will be a different colour belt that you have previously had, but it doesn't mean you will have to start at white belt again.

What age are the classes you teach for?

We teach all ages from 2 year upwards.

We have various classes that cater for the following ages:

Ninja Tykes 2-3 years

Ninja Tots 3-6 years




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