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Why is Martial Arts such a great activity for Children through the summer holidays?

Updated: May 28

by Senior Master Matthew Gilbertson, AEGIS

With the distraction provided by TV, mobile devices, video games and much more it can be hard to make the time and even motivate ourselves to get up and be active. This is probably made harder during the summer, especially for families, with parents still having to work and children losing the structure school provides.

Martial arts is a great solution to this challenge. It provides a fun way to get physically active with a good level of challenge for everyone in the family. Martial arts also fosters and encourages development in other areas of your life too.

Here are 5 benefits of training in martial arts training over summer:

  • It helps develop and challenge you both physically and mentally

As well as challenging us to do fun and exciting new physical skills like punching faster and kicking higher; if also challenges us mentally through encouraging hard work, practice and persistence.

  • By training regularly, it helps us learn structure

Structure is such a big part of day to day life, it is everywhere. Structure and consistency is important for adults but especially children. And with there being no school over summer, having a structure for children can be more difficult. Martial arts training can provide a structure and consistency that can allow you to easily see your progress and accomplishments, which is a great way to build confidence too!

  • Learning self defence skills will help you feel safer while out and about

Through summer we generally go out and about more often to enjoy the weather and children will be playing out more often, usually without direct parental supervision. Martial arts can obvious teach you how to physically protect yourself but also gives you the skills to avoid confrontations and make better decisions to maintain your personal safety.

  • Martial Arts training helps boost confidence

Wouldn’t you love your child to go back to school after summer with a boost of confidence? After taking on new challenges through their martial arts training, they will be able to go into their new school year ready to work hard and do their best with the new school years work.

  • It encourages continuous learning

Learning new skills and gaining new knowledge should be a lifelong pursuit. By training regularly in martial arts classes, you can help increase your intellectual development. This is doubly important for children who over summer will usually have less opportunities to learn and develop their current and new skills.

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